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Innovative Funding For Donors & Organizations

About Us

Foundation Enhancement Strategies (FES) is your financial advocate with an innovative business model for both donors and organizations. 


Our Strategy

FES prides itself on excellence, a sustainable business model, and our commitment to success.

We bring experience, education, and knowledge to our innovative business model for both donors and organizations. We’re committed to sustainable growth for organizations by providing donors an easier way to increase their presence in the programs they support.

FES is proud to offer you our expertise in this industry. We work with highly reputable financial institutions to facilitate our work with prestigious charities and organizations.  

Which describes you?

I'm a Donor

I’d like a new way to invest in programs I support and increase my donor presence beyond traditional funding

I’m a Foundation or Non-Profit Organization

I’d like to increase my revenue on existing donors or receive assistance finding donors

Contact us to set up a consultation Whether you're interested in becoming a donor or requesting assistance for your organization, we'll design a solution tailored for you.